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The National Forum works with its members, communities, governments and other partners to raise awareness about family violence, and advocates for culturally safe legal and other holistic responses to this issue. 

A dedicated National Safety Plan written for and by First Nations women

The National Forum has called for many years for a dedicated National Safety Plan that is written for and by First Nations women, because the previous 12 year National Safety Plan developed by Government failed to reduce family violence against Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander women.  Thank you to all those who supported our call by signing your names to this open letter.

The Australian Government has recently announced that it supports a National Safety Plan for First Nations women, which will be the primary mechanism for implementing Closing the Gap Target 13, and the National Forum looks to government to provide adequate resources to ensure that the National Plan is evidence-based, measurable and genuinely driven by the views and expertise of First Nations women and frontline services who have direct knowledge of how to address violence effecting First Nations communities. 

Pathways to Safety Report

The "Pathways to Safety" report is a collaboration between the National Forum and Change the Record, and the report demonstrates the pressing need to respect and follow the expertise and leadership of First Nations women, service providers and communities, and for the Australian Government to guarantee the resources necessary to end violence against Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander women and children.  

Funding the National Forum

The Australian Government does not provide direct funding to the National Forum, despite its specialised expertise in family violence developed over the past decade, and the crucial importance of our national advocacy work in raising awareness and informing policy responses to the issue of family violence.  Instead, the National Forum relies upon contributions from its FVPLS members, as well as public donations and pro-bono support.  

The failure of the Australian Government to provide the National Forum appropriate and secure funding means that the Forum is limited in its ability to research with its FVPLS members, to identify what's working and service gaps, and to advocate for the needs of First Nations people effected by family violence.  This lack of secure funding also limits the ability of the National Forum to support capacity building, governance, professional development, data collection and evaluation for its FVPLS members in the essential services they provide to First Nations people effected by family violence.  

Reducing and eliminating family violence can only be achieved with a genuine commitment to an evidence-based and integrated approach by government that is specific to the unique needs of local communities, through a genuine partnership with Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples, communities and organisations.  The National Forum again calls upon the Australian Government to provide sustainable funding for our crucial work

Ochre Ribbon Week: 12th-19th February 

Ochre Ribbon Week occurs annually between 12th - 19th February. The Ochre Ribbon Campaign is an initiative supported by the National Family Violence Prevention Legal Services Forum and its member organisations across Australia. The Ochre Ribbon Campaign raises awareness of the devastating impacts of family violence in Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander communities and calls for action to end the violence against Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people – especially our women and children. 

To read more about the history of Ochre Ribbon, click here

Family Violence Prevention Legal Services

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