Who We Are         

The National Forum was formally established in May 2012 and is comprised of member organisations across Australia who are service providers under the Family Violence Prevention Legal Services Program.  The Chair of the National Forum is Wynetta Dewis (CEO, QIFVPLS, Qld) and the Deputy Chair is Phynea Clarke (CEO, CAAFLU, NT).   

The Forum is supported by a Secretariat, and Forum members are represented at Forum meetings and activities by their CEO or Co-ordinator (or delegate).  The Forum's Secretariat can be contacted on NFVPLSforum@qifvls.com.au.  

The FVPLS member services are Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander community-controlled organisations – our communities know and trust our staff and services.  Nationally, 95% of clients are First Nations women and children, and FVPLS services are unique, experienced and specialist agencies delivering culturally safe legal and other services within which Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander culture is acknowledged and celebrated.


FVPLS members of the National Forum provide legal advice and casework as part of a holistic model, where clients and their children are supported with counselling services, court support, child protection advice and intervention, service system referrals, case management and advocacy, and kinship liaison.   Within this context, FVPLS provide clients and their children specialist legal services and support in relation to:

  • Family violence

  • Protective restraining orders

  • Child protection

  • Victims of crime compensation; and

  • Witness assistance law.

FVPLS members also provide important community legal education as well as early intervention and prevention services and cultural support programs.  For a list of member organisations and their locations, see Where We Are.

Gaps in our services

Because of the need for further funding, there are significant gaps in the provision of services that can be provided by Family Violence Prevention Legal Services (FVPLS) which limit access to justice for First Nations victims and survivors of family violence.


 For more information on the Forum and the work undertaken by FVPLS, see What We Do.


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