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The National Family Violence Prevention Legal Services Forum was formally established in May 2012. It is comprised of fourteen member organisations across Australia who are service providers under the Family Violence Prevention Legal Services Program.

For a full list of member organisations, see Where We Are.

The goal of the Forum is to work in collaboration across Family Violence Prevention Legal Services (FVPLSs) and increase access to justice for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander victim/survivors of family violence. The Forum provides advice and input to Government and ensures a unified FVPLS response to addressing Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander family violence.

The Forum has worked with members to develop tools for capacity building, good governance, professional development, training, data collection and evaluation.

The National Convenor of the Forum is Antoinette Braybrook (CEO, FVPLS Victoria), and the Deputy Convenor is Phynea Clarke (CEO, CAAFLU). The Forum is supported by a Secretariat, and Forum members are represented by their CEO/Co-ordinator (or delegate) at meetings and activities.


Family Violence Prevention Legal Services

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FVPLSs are Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander community controlled organisations – our communities know and trust our staff and services. We are unique, experienced and specialist service providers delivering culturally safe legal and non-legal services within which Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander culture is acknowledged and celebrated.

FVPLSs provide legal assistance, casework, counselling and court support to Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander adults and children who are victim/survivors of family violence. Legal services are provided to victim/survivors in matters related to:

  • Family violence (i.e. VRO, AVO different terminology across jurisdictions);

  • Victims of crime compensation;

  • Family law; and

  • Child protection.

FVPLSs also provide an important community legal education and early intervention and prevention function. FVPLSs have adopted a holistic, wrap-around service delivery model that prioritise legal service delivery while recognising and addressing the multitude of interrelated issues that our clients face. Nationally 90% of our clients are Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander women and children.

FVPLSs are expected to ensure that the services offered are culturally inclusive and accessible to Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander adults and children in the specified service region, regardless of gender, sexual preference, family relationship, location, disability, literacy or language.


Objectives of the National FVPLS Forum 

The objectives of the Forum are to:

  1. Support and enhance the capacity of FVPLSs to provide high quality services that deliver results for clients and communities;

  2. Coordinate and facilitate communication, information sharing and relationship building between FVPLS units;

  3. Develop policy positions that identify areas of FVPLS work in need of reform and make recommendations for change;

  4. Provide advice and input to Government on issues relevant to the FVPLS program and its operation;

  5. Engage with key stakeholders including through participation in activities and national meetings that will benefit and promote National Forum positions;

  6. Promote the existence of the National Convenor/Secretariat role and FVPLSs in the appropriate forums and media; and

  7. Facilitate a co-ordinated approach to building a secure and sustainable resource base that meets the needs of FVPLSs and their clients. 

Further information on some of our members' services is available here.


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