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The National Family Violence Prevention Legal Services Forum was formally established in May 2012. It is comprised of thirteen member organisations across Australia who are service providers under the Family Violence Prevention Legal Services (FVPLSs) Program. FVPLSs provide specialist, culturally safe legal services and supports to Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander victim/survivors of family violence across Australia.



 6 December 2019: Media Release - Funding cuts silence Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander women


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In the media: 

6/12/19 - ABC AM: Morrisson Government defunds Indigenous domestice violence body

6/12/19 - NITV: Chair of Indigenous family violence peak body says funding cuts opposite of recommendations in recent report

6/12/19 - Women's Agenda: Morrison government slashes critical funding to only peak body for Indigenous DV victims

6/12/19 - Mirage News: Funding cuts silence Aboriginal women





*** Federal Election 2019 ***

The National FVPLS Forum has now released our Federal Election 2019 Key Messages

You can also view and download our responses to the 2019-20 Federal Budget and Federal Election 2019 announcements by the Australian Greens and Australian Labor Party



No safety, no certainty: National FVPLS Forum response to the 2019-20 Federal Budget

 We have also released some infographics for our members and supporters to share online: 





Ochre Ribbon Week: 12th-19th February 

Ochre Ribbon Week occurs annually between 12th - 19th February. The Ochre Ribbon Campaign is an initiative supported by the National Family Violence Prevention Legal Services Forum and its member organisations across Australia. The Ochre Ribbon Campaign raises awareness of the devastating impacts of family violence in Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander communities and calls for action to end the violence against Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people – especially our women and children. 

To read more about the history of Ochre Ribbon, click here


You can support the Ochre Ribbon Campaign by undertaking any of the following activities:

1. LIKE and follow us on Facebook and Twitter, so that you can read and share our messages and follow activities across Australia during the Week: 

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/NationalFVPLSForum/

Twitter: https://twitter.com/NationalFVPLS 


2. SHARE the electronic Ochre Ribbons on social media, and use our Facebook Frame, which will be searchable under "Ochre Ribbon" from 11th February. You can also make it your profile/cover photo on Facebook or your profile photo on Twitter







3. Use the HASHTAG #OchreRibbon2019 

Share your thoughts on Twitter and Facebook using the hashtags #OchreRibbon2019, and #DontSilenceTheViolence, and tag the National FVPLS Forum twitter page (@NationalFVPLS).


4. Use our EMAIL signature

Update your email signature between 12-19 February to show your support for Ochre Ribbon.


5. FOLLOW Social Justice Commissioner June Oscar’s Wiyi Yani U Thangani - Women’s Voices project

Social justice Commissioner June Oscar is leading a national conversation with Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander women and girls to hear their priorities, challenges and aspirations for themselves, their families and their future.

Follow the project by subscribing to the mailing list here: https://wiyiyaniuthangani.humanrights.gov.au/contact-us/subscribe


6. SEND a letter to your Federal MP or the Minister for Indigenous Affairs, Senator Nigel Scullion

Send a letter highlighting the need for the Government to adopt family violence targets as part of the Closing the Gap refresh.


7. SHARE the message that familiy violence against Aboriginal & Torres Strait Islander people, particualrly women and their children, is a national crisis.

Violence against Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander women devastates communities and destroys families. In comparison with other women, Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander women are 32 times more likely to be hospitalised from family violence and 10 times more likely to be killed as a result of violent assault. 

You can raise awareness of this national crisis and show your support for the work of the National Forum by sharing these infographics on social media. (Right-click on the image and save to your computer, then upload to your preferred social media platform.)


     NEW_Infographic_32x.png            National_Forum_FVPLS_Infographics_R1-02.jpg            National_Forum_FVPLS_Infographics_R1-19.jpg    

National_Forum_FVPLS_Infographics_R1-12.jpg          National_Forum_FVPLS_Infographics_R1-04.jpg           National_Forum_FVPLS_Infographics_R1-03.jpg

National_Forum_FVPLS_Infographics_R1-18.jpg          National_Forum_FVPLS_Infographics_R1-06.jpg          National_Forum_FVPLS_Infographics_R1-14.jpg

          National_Forum_FVPLS_Infographics_R1-16.jpg          National_Forum_FVPLS_Infographics_R1-11.jpg


National_Forum_FVPLS_Infographics_R1-15.jpg          National_Forum_FVPLS_Infographics_R1-13.jpg          National_Forum_FVPLS_Infographics_R1-17.jpg 



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